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Your Date of Birth: Your Life Path Number

There is likely no number that is more significant and more transformational than the one that relates to the date of your birth. When you were born, your soul stepped into an entirely new reality and began a new and unique journey. If you believe in reincarnation, it is good to maintain an open mind about this number.

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No matter what you may believe about who you are and where your soul has been before, the fact remains that the day you were born into this life was the beginning of something huge. All the potential that you have as a person, everything that you might do with your life exists in that moment unabated by circumstance, choice or free will. Think about it: every possible scenario exists, both good and bad. The way way we interact with the world (or how it interacts with us) starts creating variances almost immediately, but at that moment, on that day, the potential to Be in this life is at the height of its power.

This is why it is so important that your understanding of Numerology begins here. There are right ways and wrong ways to calculate your Life Path Number. While some may say that the year number should stand on its own, this violates an elementary rule of Numerology. ALL numbers, with only two exceptions – 11 and 22 – are reduced by individual digit. With that in mind, the way to find your number lies in this formula:

Let's say you were born on February 12, 1971.

First, calculate the month:

February is the 2nd month. It's number is 2. If it was October, it would be 10, which would reduce to 1.

Next, calculate the day:

Finally, calculate the year one digit at a time:

Since 18 is a two digit number, it must be reduced further.

You should now have three one-digit numbers: 2, 3, and 9

Now, add up the three numbers

If you were born on February 12, 1971, your Life Path Number is 5.

Remember that if you reach one of the Master Numbers, either 11 or 22, DO NOT REDUCE THEM. These numbers have special significances. Subsequently, they stand on their own. This will only happen if your birthday is in November or if your birth year adds up to 22 (like 1939, 1948, 1957, 1966, 1975, 1984 or 1993). If your birth year adds up to 11, check it again. It means you were born, at the latest, in 1910! If you are researching ancestry, however, pay close attention to people born in years like 1604, 1640, 1703, 1730, 1802, and 1820 as these numbers all add up to 11.

*Only October and December will require calculations to determine their numbers. October is the 10th month. 1+0=1. December is the 12th month. 1+2=3. Therefore, October's number is 1 and December's is 3. November is the 11th month so it already equals out to a Master Number.

Enter your birthday and find out your Life Path Number!

Life Path Calculator

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