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Life Path Number: 1

What does a Life Path Number 1 mean?

Having a Life Path number of 1 makes you a true leader. You entered this plane of existence equipped with skills that are only possessed by real leaders. You likely fall into the leadership role easily, perhaps even inadvertently or unwillingly. You crave independence, you set the bar high when it comes to your expectations of yourself and you are driven to accomplish things that are above and beyond the norm. Many high-ranking military officers, corporate bigwigs, successful entrepreneurs and leading political figures have a life path number of one.

With a life path number of 1, you possess a mind that is fueled by inspiration and creativity. You are singularly motivated to excel and achieve. You hunger to be extraordinary and strive to accomplish as many things as you can in this lifetime. You work well under pressure and are at your best when staring into the face of adversity, challenges and perceived obstacles. You tend to want to take charge, especially when it comes to problem solving and are determined to take the reins in a wide variety of situations, sometimes even to a fault.

The number 1 does have a negative side and it is important to be aware of it. Your ability to lead could also manifest in an unwillingness to follow. This makes you stubborn and difficult to teach. You not only need to be in control, you have a hard time yielding control, even when someone else has more expertise and experience than you. This is not necessarily a personality flaw, but it can be a turn-off in social or business circles.