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Life Path Number: 11

What does a Life Path Number 11 mean?

When the Master Number 11 defines your Life Path, you have real potential for being the source of illumination to people. You have the ability and tendency to inspire by pure example, even before ever speaking a word. Your mind is so active from an early age it might be difficult to relate to your peers. Most people will never be able to understand you or what goes on in your head. Your material and higher selves have the capability of intermeshing and interacting with each-other. This gives you keen insights into the Universe and its mysteries.

Elevens often have strong psychic abilities and have a high aptitude for divination and other skills where connectedness to the spirit realm are necessary. As an 11, you are not only connected to a higher plane, but you are also a conduit through which Universal energy flows into this one. Artists, inventors, spiritual and religious leaders often see the number 11 as predominant in various places in their Numerology charts. If there is a negative to being an 11, it manifests in the sheer weight of responsibility that accompanies the abilities that come with it.