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Life Path Number: 22

What does a Life Path Number 22 mean?

If you were born under the number 22, your life has extraordinary potential. You possess the power to will archetype into tangible reality, yet you also have the ability to live an extraordinarily unassuming life, gleaning form what this plane has to teach your soul before once again moving on. The power you possess is at the same time extremely formidable and exceptionally fragile. It hinges on your ideals, your ethics, your personal vision. Your views may change and evolve over time but your ability to reconcile old ways with new puts your soul in the unique position of being able to soak up knowledge and experience at levels most people will never achieve.

Like 11, the number 22 can be difficult to live up to. Also like 11, getting people to understand your vision and follow your lead can be equally difficult. You see things on a whole different level and your ability to convey your insights to others can be hindered by the sheer enormity of what is going on inside your head. The challenge lies in developing the ability to steer people in the right direction by example and encouragement. Develop that particular skill and you will affect countless lives for the better.