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Life Path Number: 6

What does a Life Path Number 6 mean?

Nurturing, maternal instinct, paternal protection and responsibility all encompass the nature of a person with a Life Path Number of 6. You worry about the people you care about – not just family, but co-workers, employees, those whose lives you touch directly. You are driven to play the role of the caretaker and your priorities are straight. You see to the needs of your family first, then allow your helping hands to extend outside the home. You have an inate need to feel useful and you are not satisfied to sit back and relax. Your free time is often devoted to volunteer work or community service, especially humanitarian causes. You are the first to shoulder the weight of any load and you always do your share of the work.

Your sense of responsibility is enviable. You can always be counted on when someone has need. The negative side of your nature is that you also tend to meet your own needs last. You are faithful and loyal but you tend to attract lovers who are exceptionally needy. You are likely to neglect your own health, your own happiness, your own sense of identity in your efforts to edify other people and meet their needs. You also know how selfless you are and how benevolent which can, over time, lead to a lack of humility and a self-congratulatory attitude that could come across as arrogance or condescension.