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Life Path Number: 8

What does a Life Path Number 8 mean?

If you were born with a Life Path Number of 8, you are the quintessential goal-setter. You are ambitious and you take your personal goals seriously. You have a very competitive nature and you have a tendency to look far into the future when constructing your goals. If someone asks what your five-year plan involves, you have a definitive answer. You tend to strategize ways to deal with problems before they happen and when things go wrong, it is extremely important that other people see you as a problem-solver. You measure your success in money and things, but also in your ability to set and reach increasingly difficult goals. You are honest almost to a fault. If someone asks for your opinion, you'll give it and you will do so with little thought to the other person's feelings.

The negatives associated with 8 involve an inability to show enthusiasm for anyone else's aspirations. You see yourself as always being in competition and showing support or encouragement leaves you feeling unguarded. You have a tendency to go to great lengths to meet deadlines and complete tasks even at the expense of your relationships. You would be more driven work late to finish a project than leave early to attend a school play. These things can put strain on your relationships and alienate people unintentionally.