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Life Path Number: 5

What does a Life Path Number 5 mean?

A sense of adventure is a defining trait of someone with a Life Path Number of 5. You love to travel, experience new cultures, cuisine, spiritual disciplines – virtually all things that involve people and the diversity that exists between cultures is a huge draw for you. You want to learn and experience all you can. You are spiritual but not specifically religious. You see the Universe as vast and diverse and seek to understand yourself in relation to it. You make new friends easily. You embrace change and crave new experiences. You are a motivator and a wordsmith.

The negative side of being a five, though, comes in your lack of organizational skills. Your wanderlust is as mental and emotional as it is experiential which can impact your ability to maintain interest in a single career path. You lack self-discipline which can lead to indulgence, impetuousness and risk-taking. You have a tendency to overindulge in food and sex. Strangely, though, once you are ready to settle down, infidelity isn't even on your radar. The problem is that it can take you forever to commit. You are prone to unnecessary risks and gambles along with a host of other actions and behaviors that you are certain to regret later if you fail to keep your thoughts and actions in check.