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Life Path Number: 4

What does a Life Path Number 4 mean?

Planning, building, practical and manual applications are all attributes of someone with a Life Path Number of 4. You can see an entire project inside your head and will it into solid reality. You are practical, down-to-earth, and very focused. Your listening skills are top-notch. You take orders absent of ego. You may have a few grandiose ideas but you also have the distinction of being able to bring them to fruition. You have an entrepreneurial spirit with the capability to be enormously successful, even elevate yourself to celebrity status should you set your sights on such a goal. You understand the concept of servant leadership: you never ask anyone to do anything you are not willing to do yourself and you hold yourself to the same standards as you do your subordinates.

As a four, you have a level of willpower that some may mistake for stubbornness or rigidity. You see things in black and white and are set in your ways. This doesn't mean you aren't open to new ideas, but embracing them can take time and consideration. If there is a negative side to being a four it is found in these traits. You may come across as narrow-minded and have trouble seeing the forest for the trees; the Big Picture eludes you while you dwell on the daily grind, momentary responsibilities and your current emotional state.