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Life Path Number: 3

What does a Life Path Number 3 mean?

Threes have a tendency to live for today. They have a practical view of the future but that view is never fatalistic or negative. If they see problems on the horizon, they are too busy working out the solutions to worry about them.

If your Life Path Number is 3, creativity and superior communication skills are your strong suits. You are a true innovator in areas of writing, acting, and public speaking. You aren't afraid to address a crowd. You are confident in your words, your appearance and your ability to convey a message in the most effective way. Your attitude is very positive, even effervescent, and you are the forever optimist. You enjoy connecting with people and your friendliness is completely genuine. You make it easy for people to trust you.

The only negative to being a three is that you likely have a very pronounced sensitive side. Your emotions take the reins and drive your decisions. If you don't pour them out, they will just spill out on their own. With that heightened sensitivity comes emotional highs and lows that you might find, at times, to be difficult to regulate and painful to bear. The good news is that your positivity almost always wins out but that inner-negativity can affect you more than average in the moment.