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Life Path Number: 9

What does a Life Path Number 9 mean?

Compassionate, philanthropic, empathetic: all these adjectives describe a person whose Life Path number is 9. You are a true humanitarian – trustworthy, loyal, honorable and absent of prejudice. You put less stock in material things or wealth than you do in higher ideals. You are only interested in making money as it is a means to an end. You know that enough is enough when it comes to money and possessions. You don't care if you ever get rich so long as you have enough to make ends meet.

Relationships for a nine can be complicated. Only partners who understand and share your attitudes will ever really understand or appreciate what makes you tick. That isn't to say that you will never be truly satisfied in your relationships, only that you might spend more time than average defending your position and the decisions you make. This is one negative aspect of the number 9. Another is the fact that personal fulfillment can be difficult to achieve owing to your relentlessly selfless pursuits. You tend to place others ahead of yourself to the point of self-denial and neglect.