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Life Path Number: 7

What does a Life Path Number 7 mean?

If you were born with a life path number of 7, you are the type that pays particular attention to detail. You are very analytical in your thinking. You require proof ahead of belief but are also very aware of all things spiritual from a young age. The things that you experience on a spiritual level equate with the proof you need to validate your beliefs. You have a tendency to be very philosophical; you question everything but not for the sake of argument, but rather for personal enlightenment and understanding.

In relationships, your need for self-examination transcends your ability to be vulnerable. This makes it difficult to really get to know you. You tend to come across as distant or aloof. You favor solitude over being part of a club, team or group. You cherish your alone time. These are the negative aspects of your personality because they tend to make you look antisocial. You can be very cynical and pessimistic. You can also be perceived as selfish due to your lack of consideration for others ahead of yourself. The positive aspect of all of this, though, is that while people may not be able to get close enough to know what you are thinking, when you speak, your acumen shines through. This impresses some and intimidates others.