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How to find a reputable Psychic

It's not easy to find a reputable Psychic you can trust. There are a very small number mediums with a true gift - and they are far, far outnumbered by people who either lie to themselves or are willing to lie to you. I've put together this guide to help you find a medium that can give you a Psychic Reading you can trust.

Step 1: Know what you are looking for

Before you start looking for a Psychic, decide what your goals are. It sound simple, but you really need know what you want. Guidance on your love life? Decisions on your career? It can be helpful to write out a list of everything you want to know, so you don't forget anything during your session. Once you know what questions you have, decide the kind of person you want to speak with. Do you want someone that can communicate with past relative or past lives? Do you want them to follow the same spiritual path as you? Make a second list of all the qualities you want in your Psychic, and use it to steer you towards the right one. No one can tell you the qualities you want in a Psychic but you.

Step 2: Ask for recommendations

If you have any friends that have had a good experience with a Psychic, I would start there. If you can't think of anyone, don't be shy to ask anyway. Think of someone spiritual in your life and bring it up in conversation. Maybe a Psychic reading is something you could do with your friend. Once you've run out friends to ask, you should check with local metaphysical bookshops. They often have listings of locals, and the shop owners and workers should be able to give you a reccomendation.

Step 3: Do your homework

After you find a few Psychics you are interested in, check your local consumer rights group or BBB. It's not a bad sign if the Psychic you are interested in isn't listed - you just want to make sure there not part of any big scams.

When have narrowed your list down to a few candidates, interview them! Ask the Psychics about their background and past experience, if they have had any specialised training or mentors, and what sort of mediums they use for their readings: Tarot cards, palmistry, their intuition, or some other variation?

Try to get price quotes from 4-6 locals so you have an understanding of the rates. I expect Psychics in New York City are far more expensive than the rest of the country, so these quotes will help you understand the market. If a Psychic is on the more expensive side of things, there's no harm asking them why!

Step 4: Ask for references

If you are being referred by a friend, you can skip this - but otherwise, you should ask if they have any clients they could use as a reference. A reputable Psychic would not be scared to share these with you.

Step 5: Make sure they are a good fit

A honest, reputable reader should be willing to give you a few free minutes at the start of a reading to make sure you two connect - or even better, the entire session should be covered. Personally, I only ever sit with Psychics that would only ever charge me if I was satisfied. Don't be scared to ask!

handGet a real Psychic reading!