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Challenge Numbers

The Meanings of the Challenges

All of us are born with certain weaknesses and strengths. Numerology views life as a never-ending process of learning about ourselves. This constant learning helps us to realize our potential and turn weaknesses into strengths. In order to do this, we need to be willing to confront those weaknesses and consciously work on improving. There are four distinct Challenges that we all face through the course of our lives. Sometimes it can be the same Challenge repeating, other times they can all be unique. However they present, they exist to teach us specific life lessons.

The Challenges present at different points in our lives and affect us for certain approximate durations of time. They are all present at the time of birth and wait patiently in the wings until it is their turn to step into action. Here are the approximate points at which each manifests:

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Finding Your Challenge Numbers

There are three interesting considerations when calculating the Challenge Numbers. First, it is one of a rare few calculations that involves subtraction. Next, the Master Numbers get reduced to single digits. Finally, zero is a possible outcome. With these things in mind, here is how to find your Challenge Number:

The month, day and year each get reduced to single digits individually. If, for example, you were born on November 12, 1971, you would get 2 (1+1), 3 (1+2) and 9 (1+9+7+1=18; 1+8). The resulting numbers would be:

These are your Core Numbers.

Now, using your Core Numbers, subtract the month of birth from the day of birth. If the result is a negative number, subtract the day from the month. In the above example, the result would be 1 (3-2). This is your First Challenge Number.

Subtract the day of birth from the year of birth (or vice-versa to arrive at a positive number). Using the above example, the result would be 6 (9-3). This is your Second Challenge Number.

Now subtract the First Challenge Number from the Second. In this case, it would be 5 (6-1). This is your Third or Main Challenge Number.

Finally, subtract the month of birth from the year of birth. In our example, that would come out to 7 (9-2). This is your Fourth Challenge Number.

What the Challenge Numbers Mean

  1. Challenge Number 1
  2. Challenge Number 2
  3. Challenge Number 3
  4. Challenge Number 4
  5. Challenge Number 5
  6. Challenge Number 6
  7. Challenge Number 7
  8. Challenge Number 8
  9. Challenge Number 9
  10. Challenge Number 0

How to interpret your Challenge Number

Now that we know what these numbers all signify, let's take a look at our original example: November 12, 1971.

What can we read into these numbers? For starters, what is this person's Life Path Number?

11+3+9=23; 2+3=5

Remember that fives have an overwhelming sense of adventure. Some would even say they have a death wish (although that is really not true). This is foundational to understanding the challenges.

Now, let's calculate the Birth Day Number. Since the day is 12, the Birth Day number is 3 (1+2=3). Threes are creative and have an affinity for self-expression. So how would a darevdevil with a need to impress weather the challenges ahead of him (or her)?

From birth, there will be a strong need to assert his individuality (I will use the masculine for simplicity's sake going forward). He is likely to be either a middle, youngest or oldest child in a family. He will likely also feel the need for self-validation and that will manifest with very public and uninhibited actions that may appear either outrageous or, at a minimum, a plea for attention, be it positive or negative. The direction that goes will likely be influenced by the next challenge.

Around age 30 or so, this need for attention will start to manifest with a need to prove his value or worth to the world. The problem is that, in his own mind, nothing he does will give him the attention he craves. Nothing will satisfy that need for self validation. As a defense mechanism, he might start projecting his own feelings of inadequacy onto others, placing them under microscopes and judging their every word and deed. This will make him unlikable and will cause him to spend an inordinate amount of time alone. These things will be exacerbated by the fact that his third challenge mandating an, “If it feels good, do it,” undercurrent to every decision he makes throughout his life. Figuring out ways to be truly comfortable in his own skin will be an ongoing challenge.

The experiences of his youth will leave him feeling alone and isolated,especially when age begins to limit him in the things that he can physically do. That sense of adventure may be stifled by the effects of age and circumstance. In his later years, this will have a negative impact on his spiritual life and it will be difficult for him to see anything in the universe that is bigger than he. The story does have a somewhat happy ending, though, as he will eventually need to learn to see a much bigger picture in the wake of his diminishing sense of self. The events of his life will finally come together to reveal a larger reality and as he comes to grips with his own mortality, the need to suss out various spiritual issues will lead him to an ability to be a bit more vulnerable and less self-centered.

While the story, on the surface seems a bit negative, there are many other variables in the numbers that fill in the gaps. There will be high points and low points that have yet to be discovered or examined that will also influence the events of this person's life. There are far more variables than these and those variables are the continued study of the subject of Numerology.

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