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What does each challenge number mean?

Your challenge numbers:

There really are not many obstacles in your path if your challenge number is 0. You are capable of growing and learning during this period without any particularly serious challenges. That isn't to say there will be none, but there will likely not be any that are overtly difficult or life-changing.

As the one stands alone, so a challenge number of 1 signifies a need to learn independence. You might find yourself in a position of needing to stand up for yourself in any number of ways: your values, your faith, your own well-being, etc. Self-assertion will be a running theme during this period of your life.

You will learn the advantages of individuality. Your desire for that will overshadow societal pressures of conformity. The need to assert your will is likely to manifest with aggression at times, fear and isolation at others. As a result, you will find your identity. You will develop balance and realize your independence. You will learn the value of intuition and learn to trust your own. The effects of 1 are lessened when it is one of your core numbers.

Hyper-sensitivity to other people's criticisms can prove to be an obstacle. Paranoia and suspicion will keep you from allowing yourself to be vulnerable. You will view yourself in a critical or self-deprecating way and your inhibitions will show in every area of your life, especially in terms of love and relationships. Trusting will be a major challenge for you during this period, but it will be learned and tested over time, beginning with yourself.

You are likely to have trouble wrangling your emotions. You will hold onto anger and grudges for periods of time that are disproportionate to perceived offenses and your own inability to forgive or accept forgiveness could have a paralyzing effect on your emotions. You have a keen sense of awareness and excellent intuition but you don't know how to use them productively. Instead, you choose to fear them and sink further into yourself. On a positive note, that hyper-sensitity will also make you empathetic and compassionate. You will be able to feel others' pain because you relate to it so well.

Self-criticism can stifle your creativity and sense of identity. Self-doubt can hold you back from making good impressions on people. In any circumstance where you sense failure, you ruthlessly attack yourself on the inside while masking your feelings of self-loathing with self-deprecating remarks cleverly disguised as sarcasm and humor. Your sense of humor is unnaturally amplified and comes across as forced.

The offshoot of all this is that your ability to express yourself in less direct ways is heightened. You may find yourself writing your own biography or self-analysis through creative outlets like writing or art. You will learn self-respect and others will start treating you in a manner commensurate with these newfound self-realizations. Your True Self will emerge and will guide you either into your next challenge or through the remainder of your life.

Your organizational skills will leave much to be desired. You may have attention deficits or simply lose interest in tasks before carrying them out to completion. You may find yourself emotionally invested in things that are of little value. You may cling to a partner with whom you have no positive future. Your need to idealize things may overshadow your ability to see the reality of situations.

You will learn the value of paying attention to detail and finishing what you start. These will be serious challenges but they will result in exponential personal growth in the long term. You will learn how to organize your life and manage your emotions. You will learn to let go of things that do not serve you. Efficiency in action, thought, and emotion will be achieved. The real challenge, however, will be in the learning. You will not obtain these skills without first conquering many personal demons.

Your lust for life will get in the way of establishing priorities. Your need to be free will lead to bondage in many facets of life from finances to emotions to relationships if you do not make a conscious effort to prevent it. You will be prone to succumbing to dangerous vices involving drugs, alcohol or sex. Anything that stimulates the senses can distract you from the things in life that really matter. Your need for self-gratification will make you over-indulgent. It will overshadow your common sense and cause you to do things you know to be harmful. This will cause you to abandon things when they no longer interest you. This includes tasks, projects, even relationships.

You will have to work on drawing things into your life that will have a grounding effect. Yo will have to learn how to step back and let your rational mind deal with your impulses. Over time, you will become capable of making better decisions and carrying on long-term relationships but getting to the point of settling down could take a while.

You will find yourself setting the bar unrealistically high in many facets of your life. Your sense of idealism will prove to be unrealistic and unattainable, making life difficult for you and for anyone whose lives touch yours directly. Unable to feel like anything in your life is good enough, you will lack gratitude. You will have trouble seeing the good in yourself, in others or in the world. You will ultimately have a very fatalistic outlook on life and become very cynical, jaded and judgmental.

You will find yourself going through life with blinders on. You will have trouble seeing anyone's point of view but your own in any situation. You will find yourself asserting your values on others and judging them when they fail to meet your high moral standards. In fact, your insistence on always being right will be perceived as overbearing and arrogant. This will have an alienating effect on you and will cause people to want to create distance between you and them. You will have to work hard to find a way to be satisfied with your own capabilities and accept that they will likely never meet with your ideals. The obvious solution will be to re-define those ideals to be more realistic and attainable.

Matters of faith and spirituality will be major obstacles during this period of your life. You will become very skeptical of anything that does not carry with it tangible proof. You will find it nearly impossible to believe anything you cannot observe or touch. This includes your relationships. You will question the motives of anyone who says they love you because even action can be deceiving. Love is not something you can hold in your hand so, abstract as the concept is, you will have a difficult time accepting it.

Your tendency to shut out the holistic aspects of life will make you feel stagnate on the inside. Your own personal growth will seem to have come to a stand-still. Eventually, you will have to learn how to appreciate the intangibles, to take the occasional leap of faith, to simply enjoy yourself without keeping up your constant guard. Your challenge will be to discover a philosophy, ideology or religion that resonates with you – something you can believe without needing proof. You will need to learn that there is a qualitative difference between fact and truth and learn to see the latter even in absence of the former.

Your lust for power and money drive everything you do during this period of your life. You are so driven to succeed and to rise through the ranks – whether real or imagined – that it proves to be a detriment to your sense of self. In the eyes of the people in your life, you come across as more mechanical than human. The more this manifests, the less capable you become of connecting with your own emotions. You have difficulty sensing your higher self. In your mind, you start to become a soulless entity, much like a machine.

With success comes the accessibility of material things. You succumb to their lure. You do things most people would consider unscrupulous. You will develop a reputation for being over-competitive and unfeeling. Indeed, you will have difficulty with things like compassion and empathy. In short, your lust for power will cause you to steamroll over other people's feelings and ignore their needs in favor of achieving and obtaining those things which you desire. You may hurt a lot of people pursuing your own interests but it will not occur to you to care... at least not for a while. Your challenge will be to learn that there are things that are more important than accumulating “stuff.” You will have to come face to face with the realization that “he who dies with the most toys...” still dies and that there are intangibles in life that have value that transcends that of material things. In short, you will learn that there is such a things as, “enough” and you will learn to be satisfied with the life you live.

Challenge number 9 mirrors that of 0. Both ends of the spectrum carry with them a sense of stability that makes the challenge period much more manageable than those associated with other numbers.

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