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Your Karmic Lessons

Missing Number 1:

You have unlimited potential, yet you lack motivation. You need to take more initiative, be more proactive. You need to work on your level of determination when it comes to every aspect of life: work, relationships, anything that is important to you but takes effort to achieve or obtain. Sooner or later, you will find yourself being forced out of your comfort zone; you will be faced with many hard choices and will have to make decisions absent of anyone else's counsel.

You life path will often intersect with people who are difficult and strong-willed. When that happens, you will either learn to assert your position or become their doormat. These things will sharpen you. They will bring out the dynamic parts of your personality and give you a greater sense of self. Try not to place too much value on what other people think of you. Your job is to cultivate a better self-image. Believe in yourself. Trust your intuition. Try not to be a procrastinator.

Missing Number 2:

Diplomacy and tact are not your strong suits. You will need to work on this. Be willing to be a behind-the-scenes contributor. Learn to set goals and reach them for the sake of the accomplishment more than the accolade. You don't need to be in the spotlight all the time. Work on your ability to be a team player.

You need to start being more observant of other people's feelings. You have a tendency to plough over people. Learn to stand back and let them stretch and grow. Your successes in life will all come at the cost of you learning a thing or two about delayed gratification, patience and cooperation. You will find yourself forced to share credit on many projects, even when you are a major or nearly sole contributor.

Missing Number 3:

You are your own worst critic. You find the spotlight to be embarrassing, mostly because you have already convinced yourself that everything you have to offer is somehow fundamentally flawed. You adhere to a goal of perfectionism that is unreachable and yet you weigh all your actions, intentions, talents, abilities and self-worth against it. In short, you need to relax. Keep on like this and you will never get any joy out of life.

Learn how to laugh. More importantly, learn how to laugh AT YOURSELF. It is wonderful therapy. Life is going to place you in the position of having to think creatively and come up with out-of-the-box solutions to various problems. The trick is going to be in getting yourself to trust your own instincts and intuitions; you are going to need to get out of your own way or this failure complex of yours is going to escalate into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Threes are often very artistic. If your Karmic Lesson is 3, however, success will be a long and difficult road. You will get there, but it will be a steady, steep uphill climb.

Missing Number 4:

You feel your life is lacking direction. You don't think you are ever going to know what you want to be when you grow up, eve though you've likely been an adult for a while. You need to set certain ground rules for your life and stick with them. You need to set your feet on solid ground. Set some real goals or you will never feel that your life has balance.

Find what makes you happy and just do it. There are ways to make a living doing practically anything. Be willing to start over repeatedly if you have to. Sooner or later you will discover your niche. When you start asking yourself questions like, “What's wrong with me?” or “Why can't I seem to ever___?” you have the tendency to look for external answers. The problem, though, is that these things originate within YOU so that is where you will need to look to find the answers. Yes, this is very uncomfortable but so is never actualizing your potential.

Missing Number 5:

You lack any real sense of adventure. There is a huge world out there waiting for you to experience all it has to offer but you are literally afraid of living. Take advantage of every opportunity to experience things in life. Travel whenever you can. Get off the beaten path and see this world from a different perspective than others. The things you experience will make you more aware of yourself and will help you develop a zest for life.

Change is a difficult concept for you. You don't like it. You will therefore be forced to make changes and adapt to them. This will necessitate you being more flexible. You tend to be very rigid and not give new experiences a chance. Learn what you can about the concept of faith. Remember, there are very few absolutes in life. You need to believe in something. Start with yourself; it is the logical first step.

Missing Number 6:

You have issues committing to anything. This is true of relationships but also work projects or maybe even a career. You come across as uncaring or emotionless. You need to let people see your range of emotions and be more demonstrative. You might often feel alone even if you have people around you who care about you and whom you love as well. You need to learn how to be sincere and communicate your feelings more effectively. Life will throw many opportunities to learn this lesson at you. Don't dodge them, face them.

You will learn how important it is to have friends and confidants and how fulfilling a lasting, committed relationship can be. You will learn the concepts of giving and self-sacrifice. There are few things that are more difficult to learn but also few that are of greater value.

Missing Number 7:

You tend to take an overly casual approach to certain things. You will find yourself forced to increase knowledge and skill in at least one specific area in your life, or perhaps even one at a time. Life may cause you to live in the same cycles until you finally “get” your lesson. You could definitely use a slightly more self-critical attitude. Sometimes you literally think you could do no wrong but the reality is that we all have flaws and defects. Learning to work through them is far more beneficial than constantly working around them.

There is more to the things that occupy your life than what you see on the surface. Learn to dig deeper, expect more and understand better

Missing Number 8:

Your financial life is going to have some major highs and lows. You are good at attracting prosperity. You may even have a good head for business. These things will not, however, shield you from having money problems. This is mostly owning to your inability to be cautious enough with your money. Even more, you don't like being given advice. You don't want people telling you how things should be done. You have a real “my way or the highway” attitude and that can keep you from taking full advantage of opportunities when they come knocking. This is especially true if opportunity comes at the expense of being someone else's subordinate. You don't like having a boss. The problem is that your dislike for authority also prevents you from recognizing or setting reasonable boundaries. You have trouble seeing your own limitations and that makes you come across as a know-it-all.

You will find yourself in situations where hard lessons are learned by being so thick-skinned. You will be forced to admit that you need help, especially when it comes to managing money. Help will present itself and you will have to force yourself to accept it if you want to maintain your standard of living. Making money will likely never be a problem for you but knowing what to do with it will.

Missing Number 9:

You have a severe lack of empathy or compassion. Even in your own head, your thoughts often strike you as being callous or uncaring. You need to learn to give people the opportunity to fail in front of you. This is how all of us learn and grow. Develop a sense of tolerance for other people's limitations

Life will force you to become less egocentric and closed-minded. It will teach you how to see the Big Picture and how each and every person and thing around you has value. You will learn that other people's opinions matter. You will discover what it is to relate to other people's pain. You will learn the importance of showing kindness and compassion. You will learn that there is fulfillment in helping other people, even in seemingly small ways.

You will find yourself struggling to function within the community until you recognize that you are part of it and it is part of you. Take the initiative to simply talk to people. Get to know them on a more meaningful level. Don't be afraid to lend an ear to someone's story now and then. Odds are you will learn a great deal about yourself from those experiences.

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