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Karmic Lesson Numbers

The Opposing Forces in Your Life

In previous chapters, we have looked at Numerology from the standpoint of concrete, determinable and observable areas of one's character. Going forward, things become a bit more governed by metaphysics and inner mysteries. Instead of calculating to find information based on simpler areas like your birth date, we are going to examine areas that may or may not be obvious to the individual.

Think about it this way: have you ever received a gift that you didn't know you wanted until you were in possession of it but then realized how well it fit into your life? Have you ever tasted food and wondered, “Why did I never try this before? It's delicious!” The next set of calculations spring from the premise that there are things about ourselves that we don't know yet. Some people may be put off by the idea of eating sushi but once they try it they can't get enough. It stands to reason that they always liked it but never knew it until it became something they experienced.

So it is with the next set of calculations: they are all about discovering things our minds and our souls already know but with which our experience has not yet caught up. Now just a word of caution: not everything has a pleasurable outcome. There are some things that we think we just don't want to know. The problem, however, is that those things are still part of us no matter how off-putting they may be. Anyone who finds him or herself on a spiritual journey must realize that it is neither healthy nor beneficial to run from or hide from the darker aspects of our nature. The more we know about them, the more complete we become as spiritual beings, so fear not! There is much to learn and doing so will make us better individuals in the long run.

The Karmic Lessons

Karmic Lessons

Enter your full name (at birth):

We enter into our current incarnation with things that work in our favor and those that work against us. We all have strengths but we also have weaknesses. It is important not to forsake examining one to cultivate the other (or worse, to overshadow the other). Karmic Lessons deal primarily with our areas of weakness. The purpose of exploring them is finding the way to see them and interact with them in a productive manner.

As has been previously explained, each letter in our names has its own corresponding number. Certain numbers repeat, some appear only once, some do not appear at all. Karmic Lessons are determined by the numbers that do NOT present in your name. Missing numbers = Karmic Lessons. If a number repeats at least once, that number is a Karmic Strength or “Hidden Passion.” There is an entire other area to examine when dealing with Hidden Passions so, for the time being, we will simply focus on the concept of Strength.

The letters in your name and their corresponding numbers point to the various talents and abilities that each of us possesses. Think of these letters and numbers as tools in a box. Not every tool will be in your box; you are required to work with the ones at your disposal. Letters and numbers that are missing represent tools that are not available for you to use. They make their way into your box by way of experience and can take a lifetime (or longer) to fully master.

Those people who have three or more numbers missing from their Karmic Lesson Chart would do well to heed this advice: your focus needs to be on what you CAN do, not what you cannot. The cannots will take care of themselves over time. You need to understand also that missing three or more numbers almost always denotes at least one period in your life where you will only find success or fulfillment through adversity. You will have to try harder than average to be happy but, in the end, you will have a greater appreciation for things many other people take for granted.

Finding Your Karmic Lessons

First, you need to determine which numbers are missing from your name. Let's use the name Ryan Daniel Waters as the example. It is first important to realize that since these lessons affect every aspect of life, the calculation should reflect every aspect of your name: first, middle(s) and last. So let's see where Ryan fits in.

The missing numbers are 6 and 8. These will be Ryan's Karmic Lessons.

The numbers that repeat, in order of frequency are 1, 5 and 9. These are Ryan's Karmic Strengths.

For right now, our focus will be on the lessons. Strengths will play into Hidden Passions, as previously noted.

As for Ryan, one could say that he will have to learn how to be a bit more self-governing. He tends to have trouble handling money and his ability to hold his own in relationships likely needs a bit of polishing. He probably has a real fear of commitment which also makes it difficult to be any kind of follower. He wants things to be a certain way. He thinks that things should always just work out for him.

Some of the lessons life may throw at Ryan include being forced to endure disappointment. He may need to learn how to make more concrete decisions in matters of love and relationships. He might attract a strong-willed partner to whom he will either learn to lend a few concessions along the way or find himself jumping from relationship to relationship with similar personality types until he finally learns how to care more about the other person than he does about himself. He may also find that he often struggles with money even though he makes a comfortable wage and will have to really step back and figure a few things out about how and where he spends his cash.

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Karmic Lessons

Enter your full name (at birth):

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