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Your Hidden Passion Number

Hidden Passion Number 1:

It is important to you that you stand out. You are overflowing with ambition and have a burning desire to accomplish things – not just mundane everyday tasks, though. You are looking to seriously make your mark. You are very competitive; you want to be the best and you want everything in your life to mirror that. You have an abundance of energy and are very creative. Your magnetism has a great deal of influence over people, even to the point of dominating them. Be careful to keep this part of yourself in check. It can work against you in terms of people's perceptions of you and your motives.

Strangely, though, you are prone to moments of self-doubt. These likely started manifesting at a young age but have followed (or will follow) you into adulthood. You do, however, know how to tap in to your inner strengths and this helps you face those doubts head-on. At the end of the day, you see yourself as a survivor and you recognize that other people look to you to the the leader. For this reason, you will progressively develop a Warrior Mentality that causes you to be both a fighter and a protector.

Do be careful if you have an abundance of ones in your name as each one raises the energies of this number in a way that can make you very aggressive, overly-ambitious and unlikable. If you have more than four or five ones in your name, be on the lookout for these sorts of traits.

Hidden Passion Number 2:

Your sensitivity and considerate nature make you want to be in environments that are peaceful and harmonious. You strive to promote a happy home and a functional workplace with few conflicts. You are a good team player and are a respected member of any group and are often called upon to mediate and settle arguments.

You may come across as a little bit introverted, especially when there is conflict. You tend to avoid people with negative attitudes or who like to argue. When things heat up, you disappear into your work. It is your place of refuge. This pays off in the form of you keeping your skills sharp and constantly learning. You tend to indulge on information. You also have an educated palate and have particular tastes in food. You are drawn to specific elements of music – not necessarily a specific genre, just specific characteristics.

You do tend to worry about minor details, lending them more deference than they are generally due. You tend to take things too seriously and, especially, too personally. Don't waste your time reliving things or beating yourself up over perceived failures; these things can cloud your good judgment if given a foothold in your thought life.

Hidden Passion Number 3:

You are a very social person and you express yourself well. You have a flair for entertaining and enjoy putting on a good party. You have many friends and you have a reputation for being a good friend. You have talent to match your popularity and are very good at your art, no matter what form it takes. You could be a writer, actor, musician, etc. In any event, you are very good at what you do and that only serves to draw more people to you. You have a high degree of charisma and charm that people find inspiring.

You have an active sense of adventure. When things are feeling a bit too “everyday” you have a tendency to fantasize, daydream and inflate details. If there is anything you lack it is discipline. Learn how to achieve balance and regulate the ups and downs of life. Not every day can be a party. Learn to exercise temperance and be careful of when and how much you indulge yourself. Threes are often prone to give in to various vices.

Hidden Passion Number 4:

You are all about form and function. You are very good at setting reachable goals. In fact, your reach is a bit farther than average and that comes from your sense of perseverance and your unwavering sense of self-control. People look at you as an example of stability and firm-footing. You have won the admiration of many and the faith placed in you by your family and friends has not only been earned but is renewed by your actions every day. There is nothing more important to you than your family. You are extremely loyal to and protective of the ones you love.

Your work is your identity so be sure that you are doing something you love. If you dislike your job, it is time to explore other options, maybe even a career change. In short, you need to figure out how to do what makes you happy but be certain that whatever you do presents a certain degree of challenge. You are not one who likes to walk on an even path. Hills, valleys and various obstacles make life interesting.

The more fours there are in your chart, the more prone you will be to things like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or “anal-retentive” thinking and behavior. Know the signs and keep a close watch on your lifestyle habits as these things can create rifts in your emotions and in your relationships.

Hidden Passion Number 5:

You love to experience new things, particularly when it comes to travel. You are the quintessential globetrotter and you adapt well to local customs when you visit someplace new. You pick up quickly on foreign languages and are generally articulate. People often remark that you communicate well. You may have a particular talent for writing, especially in the public relations niche (advertising, speech writing, etc.).

Your free-spirited nature also makes you a bit impulsive. This impulsiveness can take on many forms so make sure you keep your vices in check. Fives have a particular taste for sex, food, alcohol, drugs and other things that can become self-destructive when left to run free. Fives also don't like being tied down. Your wanderlust can manifest in relationships and career as well.

You may find yourself feeling the urge to make changes in all these areas, but you will also need to learn how to take a step back and consider all the consequences before acting on impulse. Learning how to find happiness in your work and in your relationships is vital and it will take some doing for you. The end result will be a deeper understanding of yourself, a deeper love for the people you love and a strong feeling of accomplishment in your work. You are not a fan of convention but that's all right. Sometimes it's the unconventional thinkers (and doers) that make the biggest difference in the world and in other people's lives.

Hidden Passion Number 6:

While some people fantasize about winning millions in the lottery and retiring to the tropics, you fantasize about building hospitals and youth centers. In short, you are a lover of community and you place a huge importance on things like healing, education and counseling. You would be among the first to make major sacrifices for the greater good, even if that sacrifice only impacts a few people.

The downside here is that as people begin to see your humanitarian deeds, they will tend to lift you up. This will also inflate your ego and your self-righteous side may emerge. Do not let these areas of your personality overshadow the good you do. Learn to cultivate humility and recognize that you aren't doing these things for glory; you are doing them because they need doing and because it will help people.

Finally, you are the model spouse and parent. You bring harmony and stability to your home. You family feels safe with you there and they are becoming better people because you are there.

Hidden Passion Number 7:

You have a very intuitive way of thinking. Where others struggle for understanding, you just “get it.” That intuition also helps you discern the right decisions and helps you see when people have ulterior motives. Remember to always heed that inner voice. It is almost always right.

Some people might consider you a little strange. That's all right. You probably are a little strange by most people's standards. Couple that with your intelligence, however, and some people will tend to not like you, probably because they feel intimidated by you. The way you can deal with that is by learning how to simply be on the level with people. Do not condescend, but do not go out of your way to offer opinions that are not solicited or talk too much about yourself even if you think the story is too interesting not to tell. There is a time and a place. Think hard about whether this is really it.

You are very intellectual and like studying subjects that are more abstract than concrete. You may find yourself drawn to metaphysics and other areas of study that allow you to mix your concrete knowledge of things with untraditional applications. You have a particular interest in studying various belief systems and developing your own understanding of spirituality. This quest can, however, leave you obsessed with finding “answers” where there are only ideas and opinions. Learn how to find your answers within these varying points of view.

Hidden Passion Number 8:

You are materially motivated and like to reward yourself with things when you accomplish something. You set reasonable goals and then fix on them. You are a visionary who finds it easy to inspire and motivate others. You were born to delegate, organize and manage. You tend to be thought of well by your subordinates so do your best to not try to dominate them. Be a team player and a servant leader.

You are an excellent judge of character and you are good at zeroing in on other people's strengths and weaknesses. You know how to assemble a team and you know which roles will be best filled by which players. Again, keep this ability in check. Remember, people trust you. You have it in yourself to build them up or tear them down. Be mindful of becoming too competitive as competitiveness can easily lead to ruthlessness and blind ambition when left unchecked.

Be prepared to face many personal challenges throughout your life. They will be difficult to endure at times, but they will only serve to make you stronger, smarter and more effective in every aspect of your life, both personal and professional.

Hidden Passion Number 9:

You find the notion of being able to make a living while serving others in some capacity very attractive. Perhaps you are there already or you are looking for a way to make that happen. You have known or unknown creative talents that need to be explored. Nines have a tendency to brush certain of these things aside so remember to always cultivate your talents and abilities. Make the most of them.

Nines are also very emotional to the point of being irrational. You likely find yourself suppressing or bottling up your feelings. Seek out friends and loved ones with sympathetic ears. Make sure that you talk about things. It is very cathartic and will make room in your mind for more productive thoughts. Along those lines, you will need to make every effort to keep your thoughts in check. Nines also tend to be dreamers and you don't want to get so carried away by misty notions that you neglect the here and now. Nines also have a way with words but be careful: your words may get you out of many a slippery spot but they can also get you in trouble.

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