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Hidden Passion Number

Your hidden talents, abilities and areas of expertise!

Much like the Karmic Lesson Numbers, your Hidden Passion Number is reflected by the frequency of certain numbers in your name. Numbers that repeat tell of specific abilities and strengths. While some of these are positive, some are also negative and present opportunities to learn and improve.

The number that repeats most frequently is of particular interest as it is the one that reveals your Hidden Passion. This number speaks of a particular talent, ability or area of expertise that may be known or unknown to you at the present time. This talent or ability has the potential to guide, shape and determine the outcome of many facets of your life. The existence of this talent makes itself known, whether consciously or unconsciously, in a way that makes it mandatory (within the confines of your free will) to manifest. Just like a seed of a marigold germinates into its flower, so your Hidden Passion Number may be germinating right now. You may even have an idea of what it is. If you are in the latter category, let's see if you're on mark.

Finding Your Hidden Passion Number

Hidden Passion Number

Enter your full name (at birth):

Let's revisit Ryan from the chapter on Karmic Lessons. Once again, here is how the numbers in his name line up:

Let's look at each number in order and check its frequency:

It appears that we have a tie! So, what does one do in this kind of situation? Simple. We examine both the 1 and the 5 and look for similarities, differences, any running thread. If none exists, then our friend Ryan must assume that his Hidden Passion is somehow going to involve both. This is very common so don't get confused. Be certain that you are calculating your number correctly and let it reveal what it will (or what they will as the case may be).

In Ryan's case, one could argue that he possesses the qualities of the five but those qualities are amplified by the visibility of the one. He may be a five who finds himself in the public eye, or even trying to avoid the attention that brings. The problem is that he can be so flamboyant, so “out there,” that he is going to attract attention no matter what he does or where he goes. He may be recognized all over the world or he could become a number of people's lasting memory. His actions could leave everything from admiration to utter chaos in his wake. The rest of his chart should be able to sort out which of those directions would be more accurate.

Variations in Calculating the Hidden Passion Number

There are other schools of thought on this subject as well. Some numerologists suggest that if one number weighs heavier in your first name than your last, that is your Hidden Passion. Others say it is the opposite because your surname reflects genetics and lineages that play into your talents and abilities.

Another school of thought says that, in the event of a tie, calculate the sum of the numbers in the tie to get your number. In Ryan's case that would mean:

1+1+5+5 = 12; 1+2 = 3 – making Ryan's Hidden Passion Number 3.

You would also reduce the Master Numbers since the Hidden Passion deals only with numbers 1 through 9. 11 would be a Hidden Passion of 2, 22 would be a Hidden Passion of 4.

There is relevance to all the arguments but, in my experience, no matter how you weigh the numbers, the answer is going to be virtually the same. With that in mind, feel free to use the calculator to find your Hidden passion and read on for the interpretation of your number(s). You may want to explore every possible avenue if, like Ryan, you encounter a tie. A three-way tie would certainly make things far more interesting, but it is also exceptionally rare so it would be advisable to check your tabulations twice.

Calclate your Hidden Passion Number(s)

Hidden Passion Number

Enter your full name (at birth):

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