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Heart's Desire Number: 9

What does an Soul Urge Number of 9 mean?

Your greatest desire is to champion humanitarian causes and serve others. You are the quintessential perfectionist and you have a truly utopian vision for how life could be. In these idealistic pursuits, your desire for other people's approval will prove to be every bit as important to you as your need to serve. You need to believe completely in whatever you do and have the ability to visualize in your mind the good your efforts can accomplish. Believe and you will achieve.

As a nine, artistic and creative outlets will be vital to your ability to achieve your goals. They will give you a strong sense of accomplishment and satisfaction which will motivate you in all your endeavors. Your emotional nature will also tend to make you moody. You will find yourself clinging to people at times and wanting to withdraw and be left alone at others. Your biggest challenge will be in learning how to balance meeting the needs of the masses with your own personal responsibilities, particularly to family. Your satisfaction comes in serving others and making sacrifices for them. Be sure that this begins close to home with the ones you love and care for most.