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Heart's Desire Number: 8

What does an Soul Urge Number of 8 mean?

Your desire is to achieve what you have built up in your mind to be the pinnacle of success. You hunger – even lust – for things like power, wealth and material possessions. The only problem is that in your pursuit of these things you have a tendency to lack attention to pertinent details. You will find yourself on a constant learning curve as you attempt to harness the aspects and characteristics present in all your core numbers.

There is no single part of you that will achieve the success you desire. Every facet of your personality and intellect will need to be employed if you are to achieve your goals. Many of your abilities will be sharpened and refined along the way. You will find that this personal evolution makes you an ever-increasingly good judge of other people's character and this trait is one that you must constantly strive to improve and develop.