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Heart's Desire Number: 7

What does an Soul Urge Number of 7 mean?

You love learning and gaining knowledge in every area possible. You have a remarkable mind and an ability to understand things on a level that is far deeper than average. You are extremely analytical and you know how to find the information you need to deepen your understanding of things. You aren't much for baseless belief. You have trouble believing in anything that isn't observable or tangible. This makes it difficult for you to extend trust. You can be very rigid and impersonal with people which can be damaging in relationships. Sevens have a hard time letting their feelings show. Feelings are impractical, after all.

All of these things have a tendency to make you somewhat withdrawn. Your task will be to consciously strive to form meaningful relationships with people, even if it comes down to only a few or even one. You must teach yourself to be vulnerable in a way that allows you to maintain your sense of self as well as your independent spirit. This will not be easy but learning how to do it will have immeasurable benefits.