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Heart's Desire Number: 6

What does an Soul Urge Number of 6 mean?

There is nothing in your life that is more important than the people you love and your life is about taking care of them. You obsess over meeting their needs even unto the neglect of your own. Fortunately, you find far greater pleasure in giving than receiving. You often find yourself making sacrifices so that others don't have to. You do not, however, have trouble with your sense of self. Although your benevolence and desire to see others around you happy are huge motivators, you also have a need to be recognized for all the good you do. You desire to be appreciated. You want to be loved in return.

People often seek you out for counsel, but you worry whether or not the advice you give is sound. The solution is to never stop listening, learning or observing. It will be through observing others that you will learn the most about yourself. Sixes are the most apt to maintain fidelity in relationships and understand better the concept of unconditional love than any other number.