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Heart's Desire Number: 2

What does an Soul Urge Number of 2 mean?

You want all the facets of your life to revolve around peace, harmony and balance. You are a person of unwavering devotion. This applies to all areas of your life as well, and to all your relationships. Your perpetually heightened emotional state can make you extremely sensitive. You may have extreme emotional reactions to art, music, movies, stories, etc.

Your sensitive nature also leaves you with a very developed intuition. The only problem is that you don't trust it. This is one obstacle that you will learn to overcome but it can take quite a bit of time. You grapple with other areas of self-doubt as well. You have a tendency to undervalue yourself and your role in any given situation. Through all this, you are a source of strength to the right people. Your ability to lend support where it is needed draws them to you.