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Heart's Desire Number: 11

What does an Soul Urge Number of 11 mean?

From a young age, your understanding of the world has been remarkable. You know more about life than people who have lived much longer and experienced much more. You glean quite a bit from your experiences. You catalogue those experiences well and you have an incredible memory. You are also very much in tune with the energy that surrounds you. While you manage to remain firmly grounded, you recognize the temporal nature of things and understand that reality is much larger than the physical world.

Your ability to think intuitively also adds to your understanding, but for many elevens, that understanding comes at a price. Many of them find themselves facing difficult circumstances early in life. Some of them are born into impoverished families. Some are born with childhood diseases or birth defects. Some suffer abuse at the hands of another. Being forced to “grow up” before your time can make you wise and discerning. It can make you an effective problem-solver. Your ideal is to fix things, to improve things and affect change for the greater good. Eleven is a power number. Sometimes that power is acquired through suffering and trial.