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Personality Number: 8

What does a Personality Number of 8 mean?

Your sense of inner strength is considerable but beware how that is perceived by others. You may not even know just how much influence your actions and personality can have but you hold within your grasp the ability to either build up or tear down with your words and actions. This is true in all your dealings with people from simple business transactions to serious relationships with a significant other, spouse, children or extended family. You have a tendency to be generous but you also have the tendency to size up a person's situation, attitude and trustworthiness before deciding to help them.

Be mindful of your appearance. Dress to impress. The right wardrobe can have a distinct balancing effect on your ability to command various situations and parts of your life. Work on being more approachable and learn to accept other people's tendency to defer the difficult stuff to you. They do it because they know you can handle things that they cannot. Your sense of confidence can detract from that of others so be careful not to inadvertently chip away at other people's self-esteem. Commit to working within your own boundaries and recognize that yours are likely broader than those of the next person. Recognize also that this is okay and know when to step back and give others the opportunity to stretch and grow. You'll be more comfortable around them if they are allowed to do that in front of you.