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Personality Number: 6

What does a Personality Number of 6 mean?

You have a gift of true compassion so you likewise attract people who are in need of comfort or an empathetic shoulder. You care about their issues and suffer with them whenever they hurt or suffer injustice. Many Personality sixes are also empaths (those who literally sense the emotions of others, especially in areas of sadness, worry, fear or grief). For this reason it is imperative that you guard your own feelings and emotions.

You will also need to keep your mind in the game when dealing with people. You are very generous and word of your benevolent ways can spread like wildfire in the wrong circles. There are those who will seek to take advantage of you, especially for money. Be on guard whenever people share their financial woes. The likelihood of getting solicited to lend cash is likely high.


You are a hopeless romantic but also very loyal. You are always looking to settle down if you haven't already. If you are married, chances are you are the greatest stabilizing force in your relationship. You are faithful and protected. When it comes to your children you are the quintessential mama/papa bear but you also respect your children's need for space. You love with all your being but do your best not to smother.

You have a singular appreciation for the arts. You are a music lover over a broad spectrum and you enjoy live concerts and theater. You take pride in your tastes in these things and love sharing them with others.