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Personality Number: 5

What does a Personality Number of 5 mean?

People find you particularly stimulating. At parties and gatherings, you make an entrance whether you mean to or not. People are always glad to see you and appreciate your sense of humor. You have a laid-back and relaxed demeanor that makes people relax when they're around you. Your sense of optimism and positivity are infectious. They make people want to be around you and emulate your actions and attitudes. People find you to be inspirational.

If there is any reason for you to be cautious it is in your tendency to be a bit self-indulgent. That encompasses anything that stimulates you either emotionally or physically, but especially the latter. You have a tendency to want to experience every imaginable vice encompassing food, drink drugs and sex. I high degree of self-discipline will need to be cultivated to avoid unwitting self-destruction.

You are a natural charmer which could also make you vulnerable to your own carnal urges. It is easy for you to attract as many lovers as you can handle but be wary of spreading your emotions and affections around. Your reputation could suffer for your insistence on self-gratification and indulgence. Again, a bit of self-control will go a long way.