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Personality Number: 4

What does a Personality Number of 4 mean?

People consider you to be reliable and trustworthy. They trust your judgment and seek you out when they need counsel. You represent stability to people and, in your professional pursuits, you are the one that your team looks up to as the example of success and the source of good ideas and strategies. You go out of your way to maintain these ideals and champion respectability as the most important of your personal traits. You are a very precise person and exude an attitude and demeanor that tell people you are in control.

You appreciate quality but you balance your desire for good quality with good value, especially in your clothes and possessions. You never overspend just to keep up appearances but will sometimes splurge to reward yourself or keep up your good spirits. In the end, though, you realize the value of money and do your best to spend a little and save a lot when it comes to disposable income. If you are going to splurge on anything, make it something good! A colorful silk tie or a new piece of jewelry will enhance your self-worth as well as your overall persona.