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Personality Number: 3

What does a Personality Number of 3 mean?

YMost people with a Personality Number of 3 are exceptionally attractive. When it occurs in the Outer Personality Number it generally denotes physical beauty. In the minor number it denotes inner beauty and confidence in one's appearance.

You exude charm and effervescence. People say that you are full of life. You are likely also a hopeless romantic. You fall in love easily but you fall out just as easily. This trait can wreak havoc with your own emotions and those of the object(s) of your affections so work on keeping those feelings in check. Settling down and maintaining a meaningful romantic relationship will not be easy for you but learning how to operate within these confines will do you a world of good in the emotions category.

Finally, when opportunity knocks, open the door. Good luck, success and prosperity seem to gravitate to you so don't hinder them!