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Personality Number: 22

What does a Personality Number of 22 mean?

Take all the qualities of 11 and magnify them and you have a Personality 22. You are often reliable to a fault, causing you to attract people who want things from you. Unlike an 11, however, a 22 needs to guard against not just those seeking to siphon off of them materially but emotionally as well. Personality twenty-twos have a tendency to attract psychic vampires – people who drain us emotionally for the purpose of building themselves up or feeling better about their own perceived inadequacies.

You are known for your good sense of judgment. People trust your decisions and your take on various situations. You project a persona that is self-controlled, strong and stable. You take an extreme amount of pride in your work. You gauge your success not on your earnings as much as your ability to get things done and do them better than anyone else. Since you aren't overtly money-motivated, you tend not to overspend and recognize the value of money. You place great importance on leaving behind a legacy for your loved ones that will grant them financial and social stability.

Above all else, you desire to leave your mark on the world. You want to be someone who will be remembered fondly when you are gone and as one who made a difference in this world while you are here. The appearance of the number 22 anywhere in your chart makes the ability to make this happen and the likelihood of it happening exponentially greater. Never stop seeking cultivating your talents and maintain your commitment to finding that One Thing that will ultimately define you.

Above all, strive always to champion modesty and humility. Your talents and abilities may tend to make you arrogant. Do your best to keep things on a level that keeps you mindful of areas where you can improve upon yourself. Keeping those self-congratulatory thoughts in check will help push you ever closer to your goal in your pursuit of greatness.