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Personality Number: 2

What does a Personality Number of 2 mean?

Your genial and friendly demeanor is your most desirable trait. People perceive you as warm, personable and easy to approach. You keep yourself well-groomed and nicely-dressed. You like to look good but also be comfortable. Like your personality, you prefer fabric that is soft and unbinding. You are very passionate and are a very giving lover. You maintain your positive outlook by being committed to your health and well-being and by giving your all to the work you do.

You have patience to spare and are not easily rattled. You are slow to anger and quick to forgive. You do your best to never keep a record of wrongs. You bounce back when others hurt you and seek more to understand than to judge. You dislike conflict and find arguments and fights to be draining. You might have grown up with hyper-critical parents who taught you a good deal about how not to view and interact with others and you have put these accidental lessons to work very efficiently. You have an undercurrent of vulnerability in your emotions and personality which makes people trust you.