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Personality Number: 11

What does a Personality Number of 11 mean?

You are inherently shy and have struggled with this from the time you were a young child. You might have certain nervous habits that have followed you well into adulthood. Nail biting is a very common one.

You are very intuitive but also have a tendency to allow yourself to be too vulnerable in even the most casual of relationships. You approach things with the best of intentions but can often feel like you are a magnet for people with predatory personalities. When someone wants something, chances are they'll look to you to give it to them before trying to obtain it on his or her own. Beware of confidence tricksters. Odds are good that you will encounter them more than once and be duped into “helping” more than one of them.

Your gentle demeanor makes people view you as a safe haven and a place to lay down their burdens. As a means of regulating this and to keep yourself from being victimized, consider dressing in a manner that communicates your sense of adventure and good taste. When people see that you have a degree of individuality and confidence in your own likes and dislikes, it is harder for them to perceive you as someone who is easily duped.

You champion peace and seek swift resolution to conflict. Arguments – even insignificant ones – tend to leave you feeling drained and it can be difficult for you to emerge from your funk. Instead of avoiding conflict, commit to resolving it quickly and pragmatically. Remember that those who persist in perpetuating arguments are likely setting the stage for something unsavory. They are counting on you backing down. Your best bet is to disarm the bomb before it explodes; do not rise but do not back down. Let your sensibilities win the battle.