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Personality Number: 1

What does a Personality Number of 1 mean?

You like to blaze your own trails; you know that you are the master of your own destiny. You have a dynamic and energetic personality. You have a particular magnetism but are also very level-headed and controlled. You face problems head-on and deal with conflicts well. When you're wrong or let people see any degree of weakness, you don't like it but you DO maintain a dignified demeanor. You learn well from your mistakes and strive to help others do the same. You are likely more comfortable in a business suit than a bathing suit but with your straight-laced style comes a flair for color. You don't mind being noticed. You have great fashion sense but also manage to maintain your own individual style.

You do your best to keep your appearance at a certain level. You fear not being liked or respected if you become overweight. If you are overweight already, chances are you anticipate others being hyper-critical of you which can chip away at yours self-esteem. Do not let your perceived imperfections taint your self-image. If you are capable of changing the things you dislike about yourself, do it. If not, you need to learn to accept it.