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Minor Heart's Desire Number: 6

What does a Minor Soul Urge Number of 6 mean?

Your nickname provides you with a heightened ability to extend kindness, friendship and hospitality to those around you. It makes you a better listener and gives you the ability to empathize. You are a burden-bearer with a unique talent for golding people's hands through difficult times in their lives. You want people to be comfortable.

If you are a woman, chances are you have certain instincts toward domestic matters. You like to keep a neat house and you enjoy providing a good meal. If you are a man, you likely take an extreme amount of pride in being a husband, father or provider or are actively looking to be that to someone. You have a talent for mediation and settling interpersonal disputes. Six is a number of balance and it shares a particular harmony with other numbers. People who express the number six are generally loyal and tend to have a real sense of self.