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Minor Heart's Desire Number: 22

What does a Minor Soul Urge Number of 22 mean?

When someone needs to be trusted with the real responsibilities, people look to you. Your nickname heightens your sense of ambition and need for order. You work hard on your ability to supervise and manage and look for ways to prove you have what it takes to tackle any undertaking. You are especially attracted to issues that improve conditions for others, whether that means their work environment, home environment or health. Spiritual health also falls under this cover. You have a tendency to be idealistic and to maintain a “never say die” mentality about everything.

Be careful to maintain a high level of self-confidence even when things seem extremely difficult. It is not outside the realm of possibility that you are involved in something that could have a significant impact on society or even the world. Twenty-twos have a tendency to find themselves in those kinds of places whether they realize that is where they're headed or not.