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Minor Heart's Desire Number: 11

What does a Minor Soul Urge Number of 11 mean?

Your nickname enhances your intuitive and perceptive nature. Trust in your instincts and intuition, especially in matters of spirituality, religion and philosophy. What you believe can only be enhanced by what you know. Don't be afraid to explore the deeper mysteries of life. Among the people you know, you are probably the most likely to find real answers. Be open to the possibility that you have certain metaphysical abilities. You might want to look into areas of study like Runes, Tarot, or... maybe even Numerology! Do not be surprised either if you discover that you are at least somewhat psychic. Watch out for sudden ideas, epiphanies and moments of heightened understanding.

Be careful not to be too self-critical. Elevens have a tendency to be sensitive to their own perceived defects or weaknesses. Learn from these things but don't dwell on them too much. Take advantage of the opportunity your perceptiveness gives you to improve yourself. Don't use it at an excuse to tear yourself down. Learn to find places of inner peace and harmony. It can help defuse the tension that the number 11 can create.