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Minor Expression number: 9

What does a Minor Expression Number of 9 reveal?

You strive to extend your hand to people in need as often and to as great a degree as you can. Moreover, you see and feel the needs of others to a greater degree than average. You may be an empath or just a cheerful philanthropist. You build yourself up by building up others. Being a nine makes it easier for you to understand people. It also makes you a good communicator. You are progressively developing a talent for art and you use it as a means of self-expression.

You will likely have a passion for political and social causes that resonate with you. You enjoy trading ideas about life, politics and spirituality with people only be careful to keep an open mind when discussing these things. As the saying goes, it's best to avoid conversations about religion or politics. Approach them from the proper angle, though, and people will be amazed at your insight, even if they disagree with you.