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Minor Expression number: 6

What does a Minor Expression Number of 6 reveal?

You are known within family and social circles for your warmth and generosity. You tend to place others ahead of yourself. You have the ability to genuinely empathize. You want the world to be a better place and you want to be part of making that happen. You look for things and situations to “fix.” You may be drawn to things that promote healing and beauty (like Yoga, Reiki, or even just creating art for its aesthetic value).

Be careful not to go meddling where your input and action may not be wanted. A six does have the tendency to go looking for ways to insert themselves into situations for the purpose of making them better. Just remember that while moving the hornet's nest may be beneficial to the hornets, it won't stop them from getting angry and stinging you for all your efforts. Extend your hand, but wait for someone to take it. If they don't you need to figure out how to excuse yourself from the problem. There will always be another so go find it.