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Minor Expression number: 22

What does a Minor Expression Number of 22 reveal?

Where most people would feel daunted, you feel challenged. Large and difficult tasks are huge motivators. You like the idea of moving the mountain. You approach these behemoths with order and direction. You genuinely want to tackle them and find the next thing that needs tackling. With this comes a great deal of self-imposed pressure. You posture yourself as capable of handling things, but then feel pressured to prove to yourself that you were right. This can be stressful and can lead to periods of self-doubt.

The good news is that a 22 seldom experiences failure. If you set your mind to something, you can definitely see it through to fruition by sheer act of will. Give yourself the chance to accomplish things without letting latent fears or worries get in the way. As a 22, your endeavors will tend to be lofty and will leave a mark when you've completed them. For this reason, the things to strive toward should always be noble, selfless and taken on for the greater good.