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Minor Expression number: 11

What does a Minor Expression Number of 11 reveal?

With the Master Numbers always comes a certain degree of heightened responsibility or awareness. For an 11, it is generally the latter. Your intuition is one of your most valuable assets. Use it well. Your heightened ability to pay attention to details will cause you to be a step ahead of most people most of the time. You may even have a degree of psychic ability. The worst thing you can do is doubt. Do what you can to develop that ability. It has chosen you for a reason.

You tend to champion peace and harmony and get particularly uncomfortable when you so much as sense that there is discord. This is especially true in your relationships, both personal and professional. Chances are you will know that something is up with a friend or lover long before that person is ready to open up. Give them time. They will almost always prove you right. You will likely find that as they approach a place where they can open up to you, that is when you will have a sudden epiphany and a solution to the conflict that benefits everyone will become obvious.