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Expression number: 9

What does an Expression Number of 9 mean?

Philanthropic and humanitarian are words that describe you well. You are a champion of any cause that resonates with you. You have a very idyllic way of seeing your role in life and how the world should respond to you. Belief is a powerful thing. You believe that you can move mountains and chances are you will be able to do just that (figuratively speaking, of course). You can visualize sweeping change in this world and you can visualize yourself as instrumental in bringing it about. Your magnetism and ability to influence others will go a long way in getting you there.

You don't cling to prejudices either toward people or groups of people. You have a sense of your connectedness to everything around you so you see yourself in everyone and everything. You understand that how you treat others impacts how you feel about yourself. You want to be well so you treat people well. This is why you are successful and why people tend to look up to you.