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Expression number: 7

What does an Expression Number of 7 mean?

You are very analytical and seek to find answers to many complex questions. You are very visual and require proof before you will adopt an idea. This is particularly true in matters of spirituality or belief in a higher power. You seek the truth, not someone else's opinion. You are not closed off to the idea that there are things in this Universe bigger than you, but you need to find them for yourself without anyone else leading you down a particular path.

If you haven't discovered the answers to some of life's questions by the time you reach middle age, you could grow to be withdrawn, even to the point of alienation from those who love you. Be open enough to abstract ideas to be able to give and accept love. Many spiritual pursuits are rooted on your ability to do just that and will manifest when you figure out how. Guard your relationships and apply your pragmatic thinking to any decisions concerning extramarital affairs. Sevens have a tendency to wander but they definitely have control over how far.