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Expression number: 5

What does an Expression Number of 5 mean?

Adventure and excitement are your main pursuits. You are determined to suck the very marrow out of life. You value your freedom and don't like being tied down. You have many talents, some of which may go untapped for a while but your adaptability to various environments could be the spark that ignites many creative flames within you. Travels to exotic places, interacting with people of different cultures and other experiences in your life will all create a sort of patchwork quilt that you will want to display for the world to see and admire.

You like anything that stimulates the senses. You are likely a lover of food and wine but be careful not to get ensnared by things like drug or sexual addiction. Fives tend to like sex in particular and need to figure out a way to get what they need while remaining sensitive to the needs of others. They also quite often need to be protected from self-harm. Know these things and how they relate to you. Your desire to experience things could have consequences you fail to consider when in the moment.