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Expression number: 4

What does an Expression Number of 4 mean?

When it comes to stability, no one knows how to achieve it like a 4. You have a talent for managing people and projects. You are organized and deliberate in all your actions. You thrive when things have structure and you have a genuine distaste for anything that threatens your stability or that shakes things at their foundations. You have a tendency to reject anything that you consider to be unconventional. “A place for everything and everything in its place” is a motto you are likely to champion. You are careful and cautious. You take few risks and you despise barriers. Before you let these barriers start drawing your focus away from the things that ARE within your reach, you need to recognize them for what they are. They are forces that are designed to test you and challenge you. They want to be broken through, not worked around.

You are faithful and loyal in your relationships and the feelings you do express are sincere. You are good with children and admire the simplicity of their world, recollecting what it was like before life heaped so much responsibility on your shoulders.

You are also good with money. You don't over-spend or live beyond your means. You know your limits and you don't take any more risks with money than you do with anything else in your life. Be careful to not become miserly or else your fixation on maintaining what you have could stand in the way of growing a much more sizable nest egg.