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Expression number: 3

What does an Expression Number of 3 mean?

You have a way with words. Your communication skills will really take you places. If you have any unexplored talent for writing, acting or public speaking, these are things you should definitely explore. If you don't these things will find their way out of you on their own. All that creativity simply will not stay contained forever. Three is the number for self expression. In nearly every manifestation of 3, the bearer of that number has some semblance of need for attention, but not of any negative kind. Your talents will get attention along with all the positive things about your personality. You see things in ways that other people don't. You think more in images than in words. Your brain is like a mosaic and that is why you have such a tendency to want to broadcast yourself. Your thoughts are vivid and grandiose.

The down side to all of this is that you may find yourself going off on lots of tangents and it will be difficult to focus or concentrate on one thing for very long. This is something you will need to work on when it comes to relationships and vocation as later in life this sort of unsettling nature of yours could lead to periods of restlessness and self-doubt. These things can exacerbate your already innate tendencies to be moody or even jaded and cynical. Nip those things in the bud that can draw out the negative parts of your personality.