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Expression number: 2

What does an Expression Number of 2 mean?

You are a big believer in teamwork. You relate well to others and enjoy working with people. You are tactful and a stickler for manners. You also tend to bring out the best in other people and have a talent for circumventing their flaws to accentuate the good in them. You are sensitive and possibly even empathic (that means you you have a mild psychic ability that causes you to feel other people's emotions as if they were your own). You are a natural master of diplomacy and often find yourself acting as a mediator in the midst of conflict.

Your adherence to good taste and your desire for harmony can cause you to bruise easily when people are unkind to you. Workplace drama makes you particularly uncomfortable. In the midst of conflict, you are the one that everybody confides in. Be careful not to carry too much of other people's baggage. Twos have a tendency to be selfless to a fault, even letting their own health suffer in their efforts to care for others. Remember that if you believe they need you they also need you around, so step back and think about yourself once in a while.