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Expression number: 11

What does an Expression Number of 11 mean?

You have the most magnetism of any number out there. You possess all the best qualities of all the other numbers, even to the point of expressing certain psychic or supernatural tendencies. You can tune in to those Universal forces that channel energy into the areas of your life (or even the lives of others) where it is needed most. If you haven't done so already, you should be looking both for ways to let this energy loose as well as ways to ground it.

Your sense of things temporal and your sense of things metaphysical often find themselves at odds with each-other. Learn how to balance these parts of yourself from the inside out. Control, centeredness, focus, tranquility – all these things will be important for you to learn and achieve. Once you do, you will be able to call up any part of your nature that you need in the moment as well as subdue those parts that may inhibit you from reaching a goal or completing a task.