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Expression number: 1

What does an Expression Number of 1 mean?

Like in most other areas, an Expression Number of 1 signifies strong leadership capabilities, ambition and self-reliance. You are far more prone to take your own advice than that of others. Too many voices whispering in your ear can be difficult and frustrating for you to deal with. You have an entrepreneurial and independent spirit. You are likely to be a big risk-taker and have a magnetic personality. Many military leaders, captains of industry, millionaires, dynamic religious leaders and artists are very often born under the Expression Number of 1.

Being a 1 can also make you hyper-critical. This can make you seem judgmental of others which can put strain on your relationships. Learn how to step back, examine your successes but also acknowledge your shortcomings. Learning how to approach those things you tend to most heavily criticize with a small degree of humility will help you tremendously in maintaining harmony and balance. Remember that pride comes before a fall. Be proud of your accomplishments but beware of your inherent narcissistic tendencies.