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Balance Number: 9

What does an Balance Number of 9 mean?

Listen to other people who are in the midst of conflict or who are going through the same troubles you are. Your ability to empathize is what will help you solve the problem. You are able to understand what people are going through even if you've never been in their position. When you say, “I know how you feel...” it is a literal truth. You just know. The problem is that you also tend to look down on those who suffer with a sort of, “Thank goodness that's not ME...” sort of attitude.

Balance is key here: you need to not only be able to empathize with people but also meet them at their point of distress. Recognize your connection to that person, as you are connected to all living things, in this Universe. The enormity of that thought alone should have enough of a humbling effect to elicit more thankfulness for your many blessings and encourage less arrogance over them. It's not just about knowing how someone feels. It's about caring about what you feel going on in their head.