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Balance Number: 8

What does an Balance Number of 8 mean?

You have a lot of natural-born power and ability in a certain area. No doubt you've heard this before. Now it is time to figure out how to use it to achieve balance in all aspects of your life, including conflict resolution. Your tendency is to be manipulative. This needs to change. There is a huge difference between influence and manipulation. You are more than capable of the former so stop resorting to the latter. It's a confidence issue with you. Stop letting fear, apprehension and self-doubt hinder you from operating within your full potential.

Part of being the person you are and having the abilities you possess is being able to shoulder responsibility in conflict, whether it began with you or not. You have the ability, now work on the will. You are a creative thinker and that means you can also come up with unconventional, yet very effective, solutions to most problems. Go with your gut instinct and take ownership of the problem. Chances are you're the only one who can exact a viable solution. You are capable of doing a lot of good or a lot of damage with your abilities. Opt for good. It may not always be the easiest decision, but the rewards, both personally and for other people, will far outweigh the struggles.